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Four steps to Amazon Audiobook freedom | online

Download AAX file

Download your audiobook from Amazon Audible

Log in to your Audible account, navigate to your library, and then download a copy of the audiobook to convert.

Select Audiobook

Next, select 'Choose file' on and select the downloaded audiobook

You should see the file appear in the webpage and make sure the file format is .aax before clicking 'Convert'.

Convert to MP3

The conversion process takes a few minutes

The loading wheel and delay estimate indicates how long to wait, please allow a few minutes for the conversion to take place.

Download converted audiobook

Single click on the new link

Once the conversion process has finished, a new link is presented with the converted audiobook. Single click on this link to download the audiobook as an MP3.

Converting AAX to MP3

A quick demo video showing how to use this converter:

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Hi, I'm Jack, and I'm the creator of I created this site during lockdown in the winter of 2021. Back then, I had started to listen to Audible, and I found that I couldn't use the audiobooks I'd bought outside of Amazon's app. This was really frustrating, as I mainly listen on devices that don't run apps, such as a car stereo or a simple MP3 player. At the time, there weren't a great deal of options to convert it, but I managed to find a way on the Linux command line with open source tools. However, it took a lot of time to figure out and get working as the file must be unencrypted. So I built this Web App as an easy way to convert AAX audiobooks since. What could be simpler than two buttons? Of course, over the last year, other converters have popped up, but my site is still here. It's written in low-level HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Bash, and XML. Not a web framework in sight—which keeps things fast. It's also free and online; there are no ads, and you don't have to risk downloading anything. If you use this converter and want to say thanks, consider donating with the "Tips" button (below). The occasional tip is greatly appreciated.

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